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Registration Fee $250.00  (10 players Team)

Registration  is NOW OPENdeadline June 25th - 2023

Registration Fee $250.00  (10 players Team)

Registration  deadline Novemebr 19th - 2023

Registration for this tournament will be open after July 31st. 2023

Geneal Tournament Rules and regulations




¨  All restarts are indirect (unless a Penalty Kick, or a Corner Kick is awarded)

¨  Kick Ins Only

¨  Defenders must allow a five yard cushion on any kick in.

¨  Any kick in can be played directly to the team’s GK as a free pass. The GK must play with their feet. Once received, the ball is live and regular play begins.

¨ The player bringing the ball in bounds must declare a “Keeper Pass-back” by getting the referees attention (verbally or by pointing to the GK) before playing the  ball in, and then the ball must be played to the GK (no manipulation, or the ball will be given to the other team from the same restart spot).

¨  No Offside¨ No Slide Tackling



All participants must sign a waiver of liability form. Waivers are to be completed online during the registration process. If a participant is under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian must sign the waiver.



A team  using a player who did not complete a waiver prior to playing will forfeit that game. If a player puts inaccurate information on his waiver or uses another player’s information to play, his team may forfeit that game, and the player may be suspended for the remainder of the tournament. All fees paid by a suspended player are non-refundable.



Acceptable documents for verification of age or identification are one or more of the following: an original birth certificate with a raised seal, school ID with birth date, or any government issued ID with his/her birth date listed thereon. A stamped outdoor roster or card from a recognized organization maybe accepted. If a formal protest is made, it is the team’s responsibility to re-verify the age and/or identity of the player. Also, management may request .



$ 400.00—Roster Size: Minimum 5 players - Maximum 10  players. For House Teams are on a first come first serve basis. We will make every attempt to place you on a house team if you do not have your own team. If there are not enough players for “House Team” you will be placed on an existing team that is looking for additional players.

Entry Fees are as follows: Team Registration $400.00/team (10 players) Free-Agent Registration $60/per player.



Rosters are due by the registration deadline. Your Registration Roster and your Game Roster must match EXACTLY! It is the responsibility of the Coach/Manager to add    players to the Registration Roster. Adding a player to the Game Roster does not make that player “registered”. The Coach/Manager of a team playing “unregistered” players will receive a three-game suspension and the team will forfeit any games played with the unregistered player. No one may play on two teams in the same division, and no one may switch teams after having played for one team in the same season.



Each children game played will consist of one referee. Each adult 18 + game played will consist of two referees. Referee fees are included with registration. • Referee decisions are final.



The referee has the right to eject a player, coach, or spectator     before, during, or after the game. If you get issued a red card, you must leave the property! If misconduct continues after receiving a red card as a coach, player, or spectator, additional red cards may be given.


First red card offense: Ejected from the remainder of the current game and the entire next game with that team. The                                                              player must then wait until the end of that same team’s next game before eligible to play again.

Second red card offense: Suspended for 1 game starting from the date of the second red card..


Third red card offense: Suspended for the remainder of the tournament starting from the  date of the third red card.

Once the referee issues a red card, referee takes the player’s information and turns it in to the  office. Keep in mind that the player must first complete the appropriate suspension. If a  red card is issue this restricts the player from participating with any other team.

Foul and abusive language or fighting is a mandatory red card (ejection) from the game and the property and from the tournament,  and this may be permanent.

For those who leave the bench or retaliate, the referee can call the foul. The UFC manager or referee may eject anyone from the field/property at any time. Players involved in a dispute a call may be assessed a yellow card.

All fees are non-refundable. ANYONE involved with fighting or abusive language is guilty of violent conduct and will be ejected from the field/property if so that person will be banned from future tournaments.  Play does not resume until ejected person is out of field  property including all of the parking area. NO FIGHTING--NO SLIDE TACKLING--NO SPITTING--NO ABUSIVE LANGUAGE These are regarded as fouls. yellow or red cards are issued for each offense at the referee discretion.



A team will forfeit if there are not at least four players ready to play within 5 minutes of a game’s scheduled start time.

· A team will forfeit if they lose enough players in the course of a game that they are unable to field four eligible players.

· A team will forfeit if they are not paid up to the amount due by that game.

· Forfeits are recorded in the standings as a 3-0 loss for the forfeiting team and maximum points for the winning team.

· A forfeit is given to a team if a player on the team has deliberately broken any rules  regarding registration or eligibility, or a team causes a game to be terminated.

· If a team forfeits two games or decides to drop out of the tournament, they may be replaced,

· and no refund given.


The top four teams at the end of the elimination round will play a single elimination tournament based on the following format

Semifinal:  First Group A Vs. Group B

                   First Group B Vs. @2nd. Group A

Championship: Winner Semifinal 1 vs Winner Semifinal 2

or the total accumulated points if that is case (In case the tournament will be played with 5 or 6 teams only).

Tiebreakers proceed in this order:


1) If two or more teams are tied, the head-to-head results (win/loss record of the game(s)     between the tied teams) determines          the winner.

2) If two or more teams are still tied, the head-to-head goal differential between the tied teams determines the winner.

3) If two or more teams are still tied, the winner is the team with the fewest goals scored against them during the tournament.

   CHAMPION    -  Throphy

1st. and 2nd. place - Medals

MVP - Award

Top Goal Scorer -  Award

Best Goalie - Award

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