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2024 Winter 7 Vs. 7 - Men Soccer Tournament



1) CHAMPIONS will receive a free registration for 10 players in the amount up to $400.00 a throphy  medals, (Team Captain/ Team managers will be responsible for distributing the 10 uniforms among his/her players). Only players that were on the previous team roster will receive the "free registration".

    If the winning team has new players for the new tournament, those new players have to pay their registration fee. Players with a pending      balance cannot play until they have paid in full their pending balance, a late fee of $5, plus their new registration fee. Follow the "pay to        play" rule. NO EXCEPTIONS!

2. SUB-CHAMPIONS will receive a Trophy and medals.

3. Top Goalscorer will receive a throphee.

4. Best Goalkeeper will receive a throphee



1. Have a team meeting to ensure all players know the rules.
2. Control teammates and your/their spectators.
3. Represent your team during league meetings.
4. Team uniform must have the same color jersey.
5. Teams must pay the referees.
6. Ensure that all team members are properly registered and have been added to the team rost48 hours prior playing.
7. Team Rosters should be submitted 1week before the team’s first game (10 players per game)

8. Additional player registration fee $40.00
8. Fees must be paid in full before the game. If your players arrive late and have not paid or properly registered, send them to see UFC representative for further instructions before playing, otherwise; UFC management has to disqualify your team.

9. All players have to sign UFC liability waiver BEFORE the game.

10. If captains/ team managers decide to let any person play without proper registration and fee payment, the team will received an automatic AD (automatic disqualify) and will forfeit the game, plus the extra player's registration fee. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.


1. Every player’s fee (40.00 dollar per indiviual regisytration) must be paid to hold the team’s spot in the league one week prior kick-off. Minimum of 7 players per team. 

a. This fee is non-refundable unless the tournament/league does not form.
2. The team's fee must be paid in full one week prior to the first game. Individuals must pay prior each game ( late players or free agents ONLY ).
3. There are no refunds given for games missed due to injuries, illnesses suspensions, work, school or travel.

4. A team can register a new player through the tournament but for the play offs. Registration Fee is @40.00 and must be done 48 hours prior to the game (NO EXCEPTIONS).


1. One of the teams must change shirts if there is a conflict. We encourage teams to bring an alternate jersey.
2. Vests can be rented for $1 each.
3. Vest with number may be purchased for $5 each.
4. All players must wear same color shirt or vest.

5. All players must wear shinguards and socks.



1. To be eligible for a tournament, a player must meet the tournament criteria and must be on the Team Roster NO EXCEPTIONS!
2. Players can only play for one team.  Unless their team dissolves due to non-payment or other circumstances, players will be placed in different active teams. 

3. There is a limit of 15 players maximum on the roster.

4. Each player must present an ID or DL to confirm is the same person listed in the roster before each game. (No ID, the palyer cannot play)
5. Violation of any of the above may mean forfeiture of the game.

Team Roster – This is the roster that shows your eligible players for the tournament. Only players who had registered, signed the liability waiver, and paid their fee will be added to the team roster. There is a limit of 15 players per team.
a. Teams in the 7 V 7 18+ Age, groups consist of seven players (6 + goalkeeper).
2. Once a player is on the roster, they must remain on the roster until the tournament ends.
3. Players may be added to the team at any time during the tournament, should pay $40.00 registration fee.
4. A game may start with as few as 5 players. There is a 5 min. grace period for late teammates.

5. Violation of any of the above may mean forfeiture of the game.

1. During games, referees should understand that upon a 5-goal differential, the trailing team may add an additional player. When the game gets within 3 goals, the additional player must be removed. We do this in the interest of keeping games competitive.



1. Game schedules will be released 5 days before the tournament starts.
2. Once the schedule is released, there is a $5 fee for rescheduled games. When a schedule request is made, the fee must be paid by the captain of the team before the game is changed.
3. The opponent team may decline the reschedule and accept the forfeit win. If that is the case, there is no fee charged.
4. Re-schedule requests must be submitted 7 days prior their game.



1. Team's captain /team manager must check-in with UNIVERSO FC management members before they enter the competition.
2. The referee decides who kicks off the first half. Teams switch sides at halftime.
3. Games will start on time. If a team does not have 5 players (4 plus a GK), then a forfeit win will be awarded to the team that is prepared to play with a score of 1 goal. The 1 goals will be given to the top goalscorer or will be assigned by the team's captain of the winning team.

4. All players must wear shinguards and socks. NO EXCEPTIONS.

5. A game could be porstponed due to the following weather conditions: Too Cold, Too hot, Raining - or the field it is in a bad condition after a heavy rain. if that happens the UFC management will communicate the team captains the available dates and times to play the potsponed game. It shouldl be play ASAP. 

6. Every team should bring 3 soccer balls per game to have a replacement balls when needed.

AFTER THE GAME: The captains should apporach the referee to check the final score, goal scorers and initializae the referee card



1. Players and Game Length
a. Substitutions are made “on the fly”, but players may not enter the field of play until the player coming out is completely off the field during the substitution. The referee will use discretion if there is a substitution violation.
b. A game consists of 2 periods of 25 minutes each. There is a 5 minute break between periods. The referee has the option to control the time in the event of a close game. This allows the referee to manage teams which may be trying to delay the game for their benefit.

c. If a team decides to walk away during a game, it will be consider a forfeit regardless if the team was winning. 

2. Penalty Kicks are taken from the penalty mark.

3. A Ball Out of Play refers to any time the ball leaves the field of play by completely crossing the touchline/sideline or goal line. A sideline restart allows the player to restart the game by passing the ball in with their hand or feet. The ball must be place on the line and should not be moving. The ball has to be pass to another player before attempting to score a goal.

4.  Every time the goalkeeper grabs the ball and stops the play, it will be consider as a goal throw.

5. Corner kicks can be treated as direct kicks.



a. Goals are scored as one point. A goal is scored when the entire ball has passed over the goal line, between the goal posts and under the crossbar, provided it has not been intentionally thrown, carried, or propelled by the hand or arm of a player on the attacking side.


1. This tournament will be played in a round-robin format in two rounds, the first two qualified teams will go to play the final, the teams qualified in third and fourth place will play a match for third place.


In case of playing  by groups of teams we will follow the following guidelines to determine the champion.

2. Champions will be determined based on winning the quarter-final, semi-final and

    final (championship).
3. When teams are tied at the end of the quarter-final, semi-final or final, each team will play an additional 5 minutes.
a. If the score is still a tied after overtime play, the teams will begin a 5 penalt  shoot-out to determine the winner.

c. If the score is still a tied after the 5 penalty shoot-out, then the referee will begin another 5 penalty shoot-out. If the score is still tied at this point, then the penalty kicks will continue until one team has score more using the 5 penalty shoot-out rule.

d. 5 Penalty shoot-out rule: is a one time series of 5 penalties.

c. A player CANNOT shoot twice in the same "5 penalty shoot-out" series.



1. If two teams are tied with the same points after all the games are played, the team that has the best goal difference wins, goals favor, and goals against.

1. Fouls are called as Indirect or Direct based on the infraction.
2. Infractions occurring within the Penalty Box that are Indirect in nature will be taken from the nearest spot on the goalie area.
3. No Slide Tackles - Slide tackles are defined as a player leaving their feet, and at least 1 knee touches the ground in an attempt to challenge an opponent with a  ball. When it is determined that a player is extending their leg(s) to block a shot or a pass, and there is no danger of collision with an opponent, the referee may  not call a violation. Goalkeepers within the goalkeeper can slide hands first and 

towards the front of the goalkeepers body (goal keeper's discretion). No feet first slide tackles are allowed, Goal Keepers are treated like a field player outside the goal keepers box.

4. Goalkeepers may throw, kick or set the ball down to play it.

    -Goalkeepers may received a yellow card if he/she commits a hand ball violation outside the goalkeeper's area/ penalty area. GK must serve the 2 minute penalty.

5. Personal Fouls and Foul Counts

    - A Personal Foul is defined as any foul that involves contact with another player:  Sliding, Kicking, Tripping, Pushing, Hitting, boarding and interference. Personal fouls are also: Gum Violation, Spitting, Disrespect of Facility, Arguing with the Referee, Foul Language (whether aimed at anyone or not, the ref can award a Personal Foul for vulgar language) Verbal or physical abuse to a referee,  teammate, opponent, fan, or UFC management members. Unfair and prejudicial treatment towards any person or group. Discriminatory phrases or words against another person. Examples include, but are not limited to personal attacks based on race, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation and physical abilities.

  •  A Personal Foul is not: Hand Ball unless it is intentional.

  •  Personal Fouls are tracked by the referee. Once a player reaches 3 personal fouls, they are disqualified from the remainder of the           game. They may play in the next game, if they are not red carded.

  •  Team Fouls are tracked by UFC management members. Once a team reaches 6 personal fouls during the game , will result in a   supension for 2 min. to one of the players in the field (the captain communicate to the referee what player will go out for two min.)

  •  If the Referee plays advantage on a foul committed, the referee will signal to a management member and that foul will count toward     the amount of team fouls and personal fouls. In other words, an advantage played does not negate the foul by an individual.​


UFC hire an outside referee. Referee's fee ranges between $40 and $60 per game.

Iy anyone is Interested in becoming a Licensed Referee? PLease contact Carlos Cruzto learn how you can get your Referee license.


Texas Penal Code § 22.01 (e-4) Assault.

a. Crime: Commits the crime of assault against a sports participant.

b. Penalty: Class B misdemeanor: up to 180 days in prison, up to $2,000 fine, or both.

c. Covered Officials: Anyone who participates in an official capacity. Includes a referee, umpire, and linesman. see Texas Penal Code § 22.01 (e-4) Assault. for more information and details.

d. Covered events: Interscholastic, intercollegiate, or organized amateur or professional athletic competition.

2.UNIVERSO FC is an organized amateur competition facilities according to the Texas Penal Code § 22.01



A disciplinary committee will be formed in the following manner: Each team will provide a delegate who may be the coach, the captain or any other person. This delegate should be committed to attending the weekly meetings to evaluate matters relating to the discipline of the tournament, namely: warnings, expulsions of players, coaching staff or any fan or companion present during the match. 

MEETINGS: a weekly meeting will be held either in the field after the last game or on line at least one or two hours after the games. the final resolution will be posted on line at least 24 hours after the Disciplinary Committe meeting.



Yellow Cards

1. Yellow Cards can be given by the referee for the following infractions:

a. Serious or Intentional Foul (Restart Result = Direct Kick)

b. Goalkeeper commits a hand ball violation outside the goalkeeper's area/ penalty area.

c. Use of foul language after a verbal warning is given to the entire team. (Restart Result = Indirect Kick).

d. Verbal or physical abuse to a referee, teammate, opponent, fan, or UFC management members. Unfair and prejudicial treatment towards any person or group. Discriminatory phrases or words against another person. Examples include but are not limited to: personal attacks based on race, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation and physical abilities. (Restart Result = Indirect Kick).

e. Spitting on the field of play. (Restart Result = Indirect Kick).

f. Persistent violation of game rules.

g. Not listening to the referee for sideline distance.

g.1 first offense = verbal warning

g.2 Second offense = yellow card (2 minutes out)

2. When a Yellow card is shown to an individual on the field or the bench area, it means that the team must play a man down for the next two (2) minutes.

a. If the team who is playing with fewer players gets scored on, then the team may immediately return a player to the field (except for the player who was sent off).

b. If the team has no other players, then they will continue to play short until the time penalty is served.

c. If a GK is given a yellow card, they must serve the penalty. Another player may rotate into the goal, provided they are marked as a GK by having a different color shirt. The team still must play down until the penalty is served.

d. When a tram has 6 accumulated fouls during a game then a player should be sent out of the field for two minutes, The captain will decide what player should be out and communicate that to the referre immediately.


Red Cards

Red Cards will be given to players for:

1. Fighting, Retaliating, or Attempting to Start a Fight.

2. Violent conduct: kicking or striking another player or official.

3. Verbal or physical abuse to a referee, teammate, opponent, fan, o UFC management members. Unfair and prejudicial treatment towards any person or group. Discriminatory phrases or words against another person. Examples include but are not limited to: personal attacks based on race, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation and physical abilities.

4. Spitting at an Opponent, player or officials on the sideline, or on the field.

5. A Second Yellow Card

6. If a red card is shown, the receiving player is suspended for the remainder of the game and MUST LEAVE 365 SC facility.

a. The team must play down a man/woman for 3 minutes regardless of if the red carded player was on the field or on the bench when the card was shown.

b. If red carded player is in the bench area, team must select one player on the playing field to sit out and play one man/woman down for the remaining of the game. Non-red carded player can substitute another player.

c. If the player refuses to leave the facility, UFC has the right to call the proper authorities for refusing to leave a private property and he/she might be sue for trespassing. In addition, he/she will be ban from UFC and 365 SC permanently.

7. The referee has the option to not resume the game until the red carded player is out of the facility.

8. Red Carded players MUST sit out the next game. No Exceptions.

9. If the Red Card is issued in the team’s final game of the season, then the player will serve his suspension during his next game, regardless of the team or tournament and pay the penalty fee.

10. 2 Red Cards. The player will not be able to play for two consecutive tournaments.

a. At discretion of UFC managing and 365 SC members/owners, UFC will ban the player or spectator permanently. Remember, 365 Sports Complex is a PRIVATE FACILITY and reserves the right to refuse entry and/or service to ANY PERSON.  



1. UFC management may issue a multiple game suspension for any action that the staff deems as appropriate.

2. These actions include, but are not limited to:

a. Fighting, retaliating, foul and/or abusive language directed at another player, referee, manager, or patron, or conduct detrimental to the business.

b. If the management seems necessary, they may suspend the player multiple weeks.


Penalty Points will be assessed to each team and these penalty points accumulate over the course of the season.



$10 fee every 5 penalty points. The team must pay the performance bond to register for the next tournament.


1) Penalty Points are awarded as follows.
a. 1 point – Yellow Card
b. 2 points – Red Card

2) Individual Accumulation of Penalty Points.
a. 2 points = player must sit out one game. ( see UFC management sanctions)

b. 4 points = player must sit out two games. ( see UFC management sanctions)
c. 6 points = player is disqualify from the tournament. ( see UFC management sanctions)

Please write down the complaint, and it will be read by
the management; provided it is a fact-based complaint validated with supporting evidence.

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