We are pleased to announce the 2021 Adult Soccer Tournament  CHAMPION!


CONGRATULATIONS to Jimmy - Christian - Brandon - Hector - Ruben - Casther - Juan


This is a COED OPEN ADULT DIVISION tournament, players should be minimum 18-yr. + to be able to play  (No exceptions).

This is a 14 week tournament 

This is a 7 Vs. 7 coed tournament, but the teams could be men/women only

It will be 20 min. halves with a 10 min. break 

We are going to use the Medium size soccer goals for the tournament.

Registration must be made in advance, final day of registration is Wednesday February 4th by 8:00 P.M.

Registration fee $70.00 per player ($5 per game).

The champion will be determined by the team whom made the most point at the end of the tournament.

Player should wear full equipment to be able to play (Shirt – Shorts –Socks–Shin guards – Cleats)

The team uniform should be the same color (Shirt-Short-Socks), with the number in the back preferable.

If the team doesn't has a uniform we will provide numbered pennies for the game.

It will be a 10 min. waiting period before declaring a lose by default.

Every team needs minimum 5 players to start the game.

The winning team by default, will get 3 point with 3-0 score.

In case of a penalty Kick that will be taken 10-yards from the goal line.

For out-bounds there will be kicking instead of throw in.

Red card will result in one game suspension  

There is a max of 4 yellow cards before a player receives a one game suspension.

Off-side will not be penalized.

Unlimited substitutions will be permitted.

No Alcohol, No drugs, No smoking, No weapons will be permitted within the Universo FC premises.

Parents should be allow to be 10 yard apart from the side line of the field.

No vulgar language will be permitted.

Universo FC do not provide any monetary compensation to the winning team.

The champion team will receive a very nice Trophy. 

Free Parking